September 18, 2015

Your Pre-Doctor Who Series Premiere Blogaround

Yes, tomorrow I will be hosting a live view of the Doctor Who Series 9 Premiere; but until then, here's a listing of various online shenanigans. (All in an effort to maintain "proper reputation management", as the kids say...

But first, via Sean Taylor's blog, my thoughts on writing great mysteries. And with several projects's very timely indeed.

And on the Chicago Now front....I'm working on two really big posts, but for now, here's a profile of ChariPick, a really cool Chicago startup.

Things are moving along with the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction, but in an effort to drive interest and traffic, please check out this recent item for the Chicago Nerd Social Club website. (And if you would like to meet me in person, check out the joint meetup with Chicago Doctor Who Meetup on September 22nd).

Finally, I was proud to have been name-checked on both Reality Bomb and Radio Free Skaro....although aside to RFS host Steven - please tell me where you see a few extra letters in my last name?

Best comment wins a prize.

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