October 16, 2015

Dancing Around the Internet....

The past few weeks, I've seen a flurry of activity...so much so that I rather miss the "good old days" of unemployment.

But just a little - I'm loving the "better current days" of balancing freelance work and writing. (And organizing the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction - drop me a line if you want to help). But that hasn't meant that I haven't been plugging away at other efforts....

For example, not only did I polish off a Blog Action Day 2015 entry for Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time, but I've seen increased traction over my open letter to John Oliver of Last Week Tonight

(As a postscript - yes, I have reached out to Mr. Oliver for an interview. Here's hoping...)

In much less smaller scale news, here's a review for I Hear of Sherlock

On Sean Taylor's blog, I discuss some great online writing resources.

And finally, a very blurry me on the Zone 4 video podcast. (Please note - I have since purchased a new webcam, so this shouldn't be an issue in the future).

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