October 4, 2015

Review: DOCTOR WHO - 'Under The Lake"

Now this is how you kick off a Doctor Who two-parter.

Combine equal parts base-under-siege with Holmesian wit and Hinchcliffe-era menace, add a slightly prescient twist at the end, and you have a pretty strong corker of the episode.

Now, I know many people blame Moffatt for new Who's "failings" (like "oh, no, nobody's watching it live anymore, the ratings are falling)....and while I'm not a Moffatt fan (more like a "Moffatt critic"), sometimes, Moffatt has a way of making some external writers up their A-game, and Toby Whithouse rises to the challenge. My theory about the anti-Moffatt sentiment - strong enough to make social media uncomfortable - is that although Moffatt inserts enough classic references into his episodes to appeal to the hardcore classic Who fans, they don't feel pandered enough, and want more.

Under The Lake does take classic Who elements and ratchet them upwards. There are some great moments, some clever ideas, one really awkward scene, and a buildup for next week.

I was "meh" about this season until this episode. Now, I can't wait to find out what happens....but I'll have to.

And that is why I watch Doctor Who.

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