November 12, 2015


Coming on the heels of my Black Bat debut for Airship 27, I'm proud to say that not only am I making an appearance in a volume by Pro Se Productions.....this also has special significance for me.

Please check out the latest Pro Se volume called The Adventures of Moose & Skwirl. Think of it as Sapphire & Steel meets Fight Club - a steampunk sorceress and alien fighter find themselves jaunting to a variety of times and places fighting evil, getting into trouble, and cracking wise.

Or for me, "just another Saturday night".

My tale (and yes, there'll be another "Where Stories Come From" entry - soon) is something I like to call "All Roads Lead to Rome", in which the pair find themselves in a parallel world....where Rome never fell.

And the secret behind why it never fell.

But the reason why this tale has special resonance for that it's my first professional fiction writing. Yes, I pitched the story idea (this is purely work-for-hire), it was accepted, and I wrote the story. So this will be a great way for you to get a small piece of my writing history.

Available in softcover and Kindle formats, you can purchase the book via Amazon or Smashwords.

And also, if you haven't already, please follow my Amazon Author's page. At the very least, you'll get some good reading out of it.

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