January 28, 2016

Tonight's Must-Watch: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

I'll give it to Berlanti Productions - they wear their Doctor Who fandom on their sleeve.

Yes, in other interviews they've given, members of the production team have talked about Who's influence on The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow (which premiered last week, and is run Thursdays at 7 PM CST on the CW) is no exception - it basically can be described as "Doctor Who meets DC Comics' Justice League".

Even on that simplistic note, I would enjoy it, but based on the premiere....this is going to be one really fun show.

Much of the influence even goes to the design of the show - a futuristic world that wouldn't seem out of place on Day of the Doctor; a group of seemingly omniscient people who oversee the continuum, refusing to interfere....and a sole individual who is willing to break his oath to change things and make a difference. Heck, even in the ray gun sounds are reminiscent of new Who...

Arthur Darvill wouldn't be out of place in complaining about typecasting, but he does bring a real sense of humanity to Rip Hunter. (And let's be clear - he wants to break Time Lord, er, I mean, "Time Master" policy for purely personal reasons). Even at the critical point, when Rip Hunter reveals the truth behind his intentions - far beyond the "legends" line that gets referred to in the tv spots - it feels less like "noble hero" and more like "man acting from personal agenda".

It's one of the reasons that I enjoyed Legends of Tomorrow...but the other is that this is a slow that is filled with Easter eggs galore, and that really has a sense of excitement about it - even more so than The Flash.

So I know what I'll be watching Thursday nights - won't you join me?

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