May 10, 2016


Adjusting back to "normal" life after the past six months has been a bit refreshing - having the ability to actually rest when I'm sick, as well as avoiding tricky personal and professional politics, has left me with a greater sense of ease. So with that in mind, I went to see an early screening of Captain America: Civil War.

Short form - loved it to bits. Great movie. Well worth seeing.

It's funny - I've avoided seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (at least, until the inevitable three hour mega-cut) because judging by the trailer, it was a dark, murky-looking film. (Plus, the names "Zack Snyder" and "Ben Affleck" don't exactly fill me with confidence). Given its relatively darker themes, Captain America: Civil War is a bright, optimistic film.

(It also helps that, despite being a complicated plot with some gaping inconsistencies, Civil War moves along at a pretty good clip.)

I'll also be frank - I would rather have this Civil War as a comic than the Mark Millar-written over-the-top polemic that we received. Here, the motivations are much clearer, and the stakes are much heavier than in the comic. (Plus, it also helps that this doesn't feel like an immediate post-9/11 cash-in).

Plus, Spider-Man's in it! And he's fun!

Go see this. Now.

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