May 29, 2016

Review: DC REBIRTH # 1

You've probably already read many of the spoiler-y articles that came out before last week's release of DC Rebirth # 1. Long time readers of this blog know that I've been....well, more than a little critical of DC's approach, especially since the New 52. So this review may be a bit shocking.

I liked DC Rebirth # 1.

One of the things that I enjoyed about the book was that it never felt like another reboot or retcon....the story really focuses on what has been missing from DC Comics for awhile. (Or, "Yes, Geoff Johns goes meta in this one.") The story also feels like it's "pasting in the cracks" with the New 52 rather than scrapping everything to rethink characters.

I'm going to avoid spoilers, but one of DC Rebirth # 1's strengths - despite it being all set-up - is that the story has a definite agenda. Johns' script actually moves towards a given purpose, that there's a mission behind the story. (And before you cynically sneer "Yeah: to sell comics" - DC Rebirth reads like actual thought and planning was put into the writing). Even though there is a citation for two comics to read for background, DC Rebirth # 1 manages to kick off the story without the "need-to-bring-a-new-reader-on-board" baggage.  

(My only complaint about the story is that it seems to be leaning towards reengaging older DC fans...but that's premature on my part).

Oh, and about that's not as straightforward as other, more spoiler-centric articles might suggest. The book's epilogue feels more evocative than anything else....and that's one of DC Rebirth's strengths. I'm actually intrigued to read more details.

So DC has, at the very least, kickstarted attention and conversation with DC Rebirth # 1. Please don't let other online reviewers influence your opinion - read the book. Make up your own mind.

You'll find that I'm not too far off base.

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