July 3, 2016

If It's Sunday, It Must Be a Blogaround

Well, things are perking up this Fourth of July weekend - I'm gearing up for a one week work assignment while putting another freelance project on hold; working on finishing a comic script and will be starting a short story due in August for later publication....

....not complaining, mind you, but things are keeping me active.

However, I'm not so busy as to avoid my usual monthly summary of other Internet goings on, mostly in an effort to keep my search rankings clean and, more importantly, provide content for the blog.

As you all know, my most recent story for Pro Se Productions was published in their Pulpternative anthology. If you're considering purchasing the book, why not take the time and purchase one of my other writings via Amazon? Or even subscribe to my Facebook author's page?

(You can even read a sample of my story via Smashwords - formatting gets a little glitchy, but worth checking out)

Hey, look - one of my Flickr photos was cited in this recent article. I'm flattered!

Speaking of other writing, I've managed to highlight a great resource for nonprofits for Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time, and my CompleteSet piece made it to Den of Geek. Great to be mastering the art of online content!

Finally, in podcasting news, thanks to both Art Sippo and Matt Peters for featuring me on their podcasts. Listen to my talk with Art here, and my conversation with Matt here; finally, via YouTube, the latest episode of Zone 4

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