August 26, 2016

Your Friday Online Wrap-Up

Transitions, transitions....most of my time has been spent writing, searching for freelance work (followed up on some leads, but if you know someone who might hire me, check me out on Linked In). But that hasn't kept me from keeping busy...or making changes....

As you may be aware, I've stepped down from the board of the Chicago Nerd Social Club. Much of it is due to personal commitments (mostly Mom), but in all honesty - it was time for me to step down. After five years of service, sometimes the only way to insure people get a seat at the table is to give up your own seat.

Besides, it's meant a mini-renaissance in working on Chicago TARDIS and Chicago Doctor Who Meetup. In fact, if you will be in Chicago any time during September, you have several opportunities to play catch-up:
Thanks to web analytics, I'm proud to say that this Prisoner-themed blog post was cited in this Wikipedia article. Granted, it's about a relatively obscure aspect of the show....but it's nice that, after blogging long enough, I'm getting a bit more attention. 

And allow me to finish with a plug for both my Facebook Author page and my Amazon Author page. Follow along - I update both several times a week, and I'm always willing to plug my books. Simply head to the Amazon page - or click any of the links below - and buy. Trust me, you'll get some really good reads...and make my day.

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