October 5, 2016

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup's Now on Patreon!

As many of you know, I run the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup, which runs screenings, social events, and basically works to reach to Doctor Who fans throughout the city of Chicago.

But running the Meetup can be challenging, especially when many costs are out-of-pocket. Currently, we have been able to pay our Meetup fees through member donations, but with an increased demand for more Doctor Who-related events, we need more resources.

So I'm happy to announce that today, we're launching the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Patreon page, located at

We're fortunate enough to have a healthy following on our Facebook page, but an enthusiastic Facebook following does not necessarily translate into equally enthusiastic attendance. 

I'm reaching out to our members - obviously, they're our first customers, but I'm asking for your help, dear reader.

Please feel free to forward this post (and/or the Patreon link) via social media. Yes, it may not make sense to reach non-Chicago residents, but the more we can get exposure...the more likely we are to get sponsored via Patreon. 

So if you can help, please do...because I love running the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup, and want to be sure it stays running. 

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