October 26, 2016

Taking A Breather from Blogging.....

With all that's happening in my life (and things only getting more critical), I need to step back and take a breather.

Normally, this time of year I'm gearing up for NaBloPoMo....but right now, I need to take care of myself and follow advice I was given in my younger days:

You can have anything you want, you just can't have everything you want.

So at this point, I'm stepping away from this blog for awhile....

No, I'm not ending it. Nor am I threatening to quit - I just want one less thing to worry about right now.

However, if you're interested in helping with my current YouCaring campaign - even if it's sharing on Facebook or Twitter - please do so. Several friends have done so, and have offered help in terms of paid work, jobs, even couches. I hate asking for help, but this is a situation where I'm really on edge.

If you know someone who might want to hire me, please forward my Services page and my LinkedIn profile.

Also, I'll be finishing some projects....but until then, please consider a purchase from my Amazon Author's site.

And don't worry - this isn't permanent. I may end up writing intermittently in the next month and a half. But for all of you who've read - thanks. Consider this a temporary "farewell" for now.

Plus, here's a recent post about Freelancers Union Chicago.

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