December 29, 2016

My 2017 Writing Docket

I'll be honest, with all of the writing I've done this year, I know that my presence on this blog has been....well, minimal.

(It's also affected my work for Chicago Now's One Cause At A Time)

But it's been worth it, if only because I have had several stories published (all available via, and several in the hopper (including one from Pro Se Productions which Tommy Hancock announced on the Arts Reviews podcast, Airship 27 Productions, a four-issue miniseries from Last Ember Press, and a fourth small publisher). So in that spirit, this is going to serve as a list of things that I'll be working on throughout the next few months. Think of this as a teaser for what will be coming down the pike.

First - and this is the most ambitious thing I'm writing - is a small novelette for Airship 27 Productions for an upcoming Masked Rider anthology. I first became acquainted with the character when doing some editing work on Airship 27's Masked Rider: Tales of the Wild West Volume 2 anthology, and really thought the character had possibilities (think pulp-style avenger in the old West, and you're halfway there). Thankfully, I was able to salvage a very early story idea and craft it into a proposal. It was suggested that I expand it into a short novelette, and since I'm looking to write longer works...well, everything fell into place. It's been productive when I've found the time (work has come in fits and starts due to other issues), but I'm finding myself really gearing into getting this done. Hopefully, I should have a completed final draft submitted by April.

In other, slightly related news, I've been involved with DePaul's Pop Culture Celebrations for several years now. (Last year, I was a panelist for their Star Trek celebration; this year, they're focusing on Harry Potter). I've been asked to submit a paper for a special charity collection of articles, and more importantly...I was asked to submit a second article. So I'm writing a really short paper comparing Mal Reynolds of Firefly/Serenity to Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe. Luckily, it's proven to be much easier to outline, so hopefully, I can get that article written and submitted in the next few weeks. (Of course, I'll definitely keep you posted on the status).

Finally, I have a side project that I really can't discuss (non-disclosure agreement), but it's one that I really want to get a heads-up on. This New Year's weekend, I'll be focusing on getting my writing tasks in order, but I also want to do some planning for this blog. Part of it is that I miss cranking out posts, but I'm looking to add some value - sure, I'll continue to do the usual comic/tv reviews, but I'm considering adding a more up-to-date live view of The Prisoner (the show's celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, and I think these old reviews could use an updating), as well as weekly reviews of new Doctor Who as well as monthly Mondays with Columbo....

...but I want to get organized enough that I start doing blog posts and reviews of Leverage on a regular basis. Why? Because given the political climate we'll be entering in 2017, it's going to seem very timely. Because it's the TNT drama that's getting a renewed interest, and quite honestly, I think there's much to be said about the show. I'm also going to take a lead from Siskoid, who regularly focuses on regular installments of key franchises (just take a look at an example of Siskoid's perspective on the DC Animated Universe). Let's face it - the show's getting increased exposure via Netflix and Ion Television, and it's about time somebody took the lead in providing information.

(Plus, hey, increased traffic to the blog).

Is all of this doable? Hopefully, if I can score some more freelance work gigs (if you know someone, feel free to forward my LinkedIn profile and my Services page), it should be much easier....and all I'll need to do is manage my time effectively. So 2017 should be a really great year (because it can't get any worse than 206), and it will be especially true if I remember to keep this particular quote in mind:

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