December 6, 2016

Today's Van Villiams/GREEN HORNET Tribute

Unlike other fandoms, I came to appreciate the Green Hornet as a young adult. My official entry was via Now Comics in the 1990s (thanks, Ron!), then a boxed set of cassettes of the original radio shows...and then, finally, a local television station playing the 1960's series with Van Williams.

In light of Mr. Williams' passing, I thought it might be good to not only talk about his work...but show you. His performance as Britt Reid/the Green Hornet is almost pitch-perfect: it never seems tongue-in-cheek (the way Adam West played Batman), but has a solidness of its own (like Robert Conrad or Ross Martin of The Wild Wild West). (Plus, the Green Hornet show had brief glimpses of Bruce Lee's's probably the best half hour action drama ever produced. And I don't say that lightly).

But via YouTube (and these may be pulled at some point), some episodes of The Green Hornet for your viewing pleasure, where you can see Mr. Williams' work for yourself.

And know that it speaks louder than I can.

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