December 25, 2016

Your Serling/Bogie Day Presents

You know the drill - for years, I've been suggesting that we celebrate Serling Day and Bogie Day on December 25th, especially for those who are tired of the usual holiday hype.

Because both men were born on December 25th.

Plus, it's a great way to celebrate two people whose contribution to popular culture cannot be measured.

Plus, the great thing about celebrating Serling Day or Bogie Day - they don't compete with each other. You don't have to worry about shopping. And celebrating is as easy as watching videos on YouTube.

These videos may have appeared on this blog previously, but they're always worth resharing (and for Serling Day and Bogie Day, sharing the same gifts isn't a bad thing - it's welcome!)

Enjoy, and Happy Serling Day, Bogie Day, or whatever holiday you celebrate today.

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