January 24, 2017


One of the things I love about being on Second City's press list is that I often get invited to premieres when I most need a laugh. (Plus, I also get to publicly disclose that I receive free tickets, but this review is strictly my own).

Wanting to avoid the Grand Coronation, er, I mean, the Inauguration last week, I decided to kick it off by attending the opening of Second City ETC's Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno...and I'm really glad that I did.

Because it's one of the smartest, sharpest, and funniest reviews that Second City's put on.

Much like Winner of Our Discontent, the Second City ETC revue focuses on relations, race, and diversity in our modern times. Although Winner of Our Discontent tackles issues about race relations, Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno does it from more diverse perspectives....

For example, a song describing the plight of "Undercover Indians"....

...or a scene on a boat with two people who don't speak English, yet who manage to convey a wide variety of emotions....

...or an interactive skit with a bilingual audience member.

Although some may feel that Second City is being too politically correct with its signs admonishing against "hate speech", the long-standing improv troupe is backing its philosophy with action. Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno provides many of the usual pieces of satirical fare that Second City is known for, including a metaphorical skit about a Kraken, a couple who take the idea of "work wife" to a ridiculous extreme, a Cubs fan who wakes up from a post-World Series Hangover...

...and some new euphemisms, including "yogurt cannon" and "baby vending machine."

One of the themes of Second City ETC's Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno is "humor in humanity", and this particular revue revels in that. Much like Winner of Our Discontent, this revue provides a very diverse cast that makes a wide array of points, and it never feels preachy.

If you're looking for motivation to check out Second City, you definitely should catch Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno. At a time when the world outside seems to be going insane, this revue will provide some great moments of sanity and insight.

Go see this. Now. You'll thank me later.

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