May 22, 2017

As Things Are Calming Down.....

Hard to believe it's been two months since I moved into Mom's apartment.

Things have been...well, needlessly complicated. Have some freelance work, but always looking for me. (And one particular assignment is... when they dump a series of revisions at 5:00 pm on a Friday - on top of a huge Sunday deadline - it's not pleasant).

Still, things are settling down....Mom's getting better, and we're hoping that she comes home in June. (We were thinking May 31st, but there are some other complications. Nothing major, just another delay).

In that spirit, I'm heading back into writing and blogging for the time being. Taking it one step at a time....but also following a friend's advice.

I may start doing videos - after all, I need to use my smartphone for more than just phone calls and playing Doctor Who: Legacy.

So don't be surprised if you see more videos of me - or Pascha, Mom's cat - in the near future. Above is a brief sample. Enjoy!

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