August 6, 2017

Lookin' Mighty Keen Online....

One of the disadvantages of taking a break from blogging is that...well, I tend to generate a lot of online content. A lot. So I end up with a huge backlog of links that I normally end up posting here monthly to help improve search...and to also show off what I've done.

(And it wasn't just blogging: I took a seven-day break from Facebook, and wrote about it for Chicago Now. I also took a break from Twitter, although not before participating in a SproutChat session on snark on Twitter).

One of the advantages, however, has been an increase in opportunities to write some great one-off pieces, like this list of the top 5 coolest Wonder Woman action figures for Complete Set

It's also flattering that my professional efforts are getting some attention....and that not only is my LinkedIn profile seeing more activity, but one of my past Chicago Now posts was being cited by another blogger. 

On the Doctor Who tip, I recently did a guest stint on the Who 37 podcast discussing a Series 10 episode. Or more accurately, "anything but that Series 10 episode)

Ironically, one of the benefits of taking a respite from this blog is that my work for Chicago Now skyrocketed. One of my posts (about a critical life decision) ended up being cited as one of Chicago Now's Best Posts of the Month. In addition, I've written not one, but two really cool posts and I'm feeling like I'm getting back into the blogging spirit.

And of course, that means more time here as well, hopefully.

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