May 1, 2018

Your Monthly Summary of Online Shenanigans

Lady Who Lied Movie PosterIf you've been following this blog, you know I've been busy with convention appearances, panels, and all sorts of fun...but now that things are starting to die down, I thought I would highlight some of my online appearances and writings.

For example - for many of you, I appear to be "crushing it", or "the favorite phrase of egotistical douchebags everywhere". Here's my recent Chicago Now post about the myth of "crushing it".

Not only am I proud of my recent C2E2 Doctor Who panel (thanks Dawn, Shira, Karlyn & Phil!), but it's also been written up by Culturess and FangirlBlog. I'm always proud to see my name in print...yes, I am that egotistical.

(A note to Russian hackers - if you're going to contact me via my personal website, please don't write in Cyrillic. It's a dead giveaway that you're looking for me to send my password to you. I'm not that dumb, you know)

In case you missed them - my answers to Sean Taylor's Writer Roundtables on "literary pulp" and "classic tropes".

Also, when I'm not writing or speaking on panels, I'm discussing content creation and thought leadership in #ContentWritingChat on Twitter. Enjoy the transcripts!

Finally, if you missed my appearance at DePaul's recent Celebration of Slashers, click the link and order my essays. Trust me, you'll enjoy them.

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