July 10, 2018

Hey, Look! I'm On Patreon (And Elsewhere on the Net!)

Now that I'm a semi-professional author (meaning that I still need a day job), I've decided to open up and start a Patreon page! If you're looking to join an exclusive community and get some great perks, please head over to http://www.patreon.com/gordondymowski and become a monthly sponsor!

Of course, I'm not a big shot like Scott Adams, the guy who created Dilbert. He's a bit touchy, especially when confronted on his statements. So learn how you, too, can get blocked on Twitter by Scott Adams of Dilbert (like I did!)

And yes, back again after too long a time, I've written a post for I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere focusing on a tale of Moriarity!

In a slightly related note, I'm proud that this blog post on male depression was named one of Chicago Now's Best Posts of June 2018

Finally, via Sean Taylor's blog, a conversation about plotting vs. pantsing when writing stories

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