October 15, 2004

Comic Twists

Yes, friends, I've picked up my comic stash for this week (that and my semi-regular copy of Doctor Who Monthly), and I have to say that three comics this week provided some twists...two of which came out of nowhere, and which I heartily recommend.

Powers # 5 - why is it the writing on this is so great, yet on Bendis' other books, is incredibly lame? (The only non-Powers work that did it for me was the late, lamented Alias). Maybe it's because these are Bendis' creations, and he may feel more protective of them...I don't know. But I swear, the last few pages are sheer brilliance...

JSA # 66 - Even in ending an arc, there's a 3/4-of-an-issue twist that, quite frankly, I wouldn't expect...but makes a heck of a lot of sense. It's great that least one continuity mistake was cleared up, another arc is being set up...and Jakeem Thunder proves that it's not cool to cheat.
Sentimental favorite, obviously, but one nonetheless.

Green Arrow # 43 - Yes, this is the issue getting the media coverage (couldn't find the Yahoo link - sorry). It might have been more of a shocker if it hadn't come after a relatively by-the-numbers story. (Hey, it's my opinion).

I will definitely have to post on all the rhubard (although my sentiments lay in what Dorian concluded), but here's a little preview:

I would like to thank many individuals for their responses, and to make it easier for them, I will mail them my blog on Winnick written on big paper in crayon, in words of less than one syllable.

Hoo, boy, I am not finished with this one, folks.


Psychbloke said...

This was the first issue of Green Arrow I'd picked up, so maybe it didn't have the resonance with me.
Didn't Quesada do this with daredevil 5 years ago?

I liked the villain though.

Psychbloke said...
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