October 17, 2004

Iron Bladder Joe

This is strictly "for a laugh" - the ignition on my car gave out, and I spent half the day waiting for AAA to arrive. (Unfortunately, I thought it was a key problem - don't blame them).

However, rather than rehashing the whole Green Arrow/Judd Winnick hubbub, I hereby present a piece first written for the Prodigy Comedy Community - it's a cheap laugh, and funnier than anything John Byrne has written.

Thanks for reading!


The Ballad of Iron Bladder Joe

Here's a story you may not know well
About a super tough guy who was really swell
He was a person you might call a hero
Let me tell you the legend of Iron Bladder Joe

To tell you his talent, well, I could not spoil it,
He could go for days without needing to use the toilet
He drove a train non-stop from Tampa to Juneau
His engineer friends nicknamed him....Iron Bladder Joe

Well he drove that train for miles in places spotty
Yet never once would he need a potty
He had a pet monkey which he named Geraldo
Who was fed his bananas...by Iron Bladder Joe

He loved a woman named Betty Sue Crapper
His talents, as such, well, they did not flap her
She was his woman and he was her beau
There were no lonely weekends for Iron Bladder Joe

On the Rocky Mountain Line he was the ultimate chief
But come bathroom time, he would feel great relief
For hours and hours he'd let his wee wee flow
Then a smile came quickly for Iron Bladder Joe

Joe once went so long in the heat of the son,
And also went so hard he formed the Grand Canyon
Many men tried to beat him, but all could not do so
So no one really challenged Iron Bladder Joe

I'm finishing up on this really neat story,
As we say around these parts, "No Guts, No Glory"
We thank you for coming and enjoying our brief show
Now go and tell your friends about...Iron Bladder Joe

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