November 15, 2005

Come In Tuesday, I Feel Better

First, the obligatory post having finally got around to reading Infinite Crisis # 1 and # 2: pretty good stuff. Looking forward to reading more. It's also interesting to read people's reactions (Ian's linked to several posts, and Greg's response is as close to pure genius as one can get). Of course, I also find it interesting that some bloggers are still whining about how blogs should be, as Heidi's post points out. My take - it's your blog, do whatever floats your boat.

Today's entry - just some random thoughts for today. Right now, things may be looking up on the work front - got called in for a couple day's temp/fill-in work. Plus, I'm starting to develop a bit of a consulting practice, thanks to healthy word-of-mouth. Between that, networking (one of my coolest skills) and everything else, I'm feeling confident that I should have a job within the next month (as in real, long-term, well-paying job).

Anyway, just a few requests for information from my pals in the blogosphere:
  • Any tips on using Courier with Gmail without using Stunnel? (Or, at least, a less tech-y solution - I love Courier's color markers, but want to pull all of my e-mail into one source)
  • Speaking of e-mail, my main account at Fastmail was cut off due to their outage - although I was without e-mail for one day (since I wasn't a full or enhanced member), I'm good now. If I haven't gotten back to you, please be patient.
  • This past Saturday's trivia night earned my cause du jour almost $9,000. That's right, it went from a break-even event to a fundraiser. I'm so money, baby.
  • And, as always, remember to support Nanowrimo!

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