November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day Reading

First, please take a pause and consider why we celebrate this holiday - for those who have served (and are serving) for our country.

Ready? Good. As promised, if you would like to read my entry in last year's Nanowrimo, click here to download the PDF. (Be warned: it's PG-13) In addition, if you'd like to read a (slightly dated) policy paper on malicious landlords in St. Louis, click here. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read both...and you now have no excuse to catch up on reading classic literature.

(Our new motto: more wacky links than Delenda Est Carthago).

Polite Scott explains something I should have learned in grad school.

Chipped Ham Productions gives us some thoughts on the new Star Wars DVD.

Dorian objectifies Superman.

Ever wonder why there are no season sets of Get a Life, but there are two DVD compilations? Read these interviews with Chris Elliot to learn why.

Hellboy gets animated!

Here's a page of freeware utilities to help you do stuff.

One for Mark at - this clips's for you, via Boing Boing.

Since one of the more popular search phrases for this blog is "Doctor who theme music", I might as well be accommodating.

Mike Sterling, Ebay hunter! (Warning: not work safe)

Ever wonder how Andromeda should have ended? Robert Hewitt Wolfe wrote a coda - download here!

Finally, here are some snappy comebacks for any occasion.

Have fun!

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