November 10, 2005

Dirt Behind the Daydream

You know, I'm pretty much lacking in original thoughts these days (although the Church of Klugman apparently has a crush on me), so like Redhead Fangirl and Yet Another Comics Blog...I'm posting random search terms that brought people here, as well as color commentary. (And in a day or so, I'll make my 2004 Nanowrimo novel available...until then, support those who are involved this year).

gordon well desert - Is this "stump the band" or what?

3D - Dave said it much better than I could.

The song Fast Car - soon to be a major motion picture starring Sandra Bullock

boondock saints based on a true story - God, I hope not.

c.j. craig the jackal - someone please explain why I keep getting this search term. Is this some forgotten Golden Age hero?

Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil [Flirty Mix].mp3 - Try Dorian; his tastes are more eclectic than mine.

sin city blog - You know, I've read some of the graphic novels, and...Mr. Miller, I think you might want to read more Chandler to offset the Spillane. Just a suggestion.

lewis martin reunited sinatra - Because, let's face it, a splintered Sinatra can be painful.

want dark shadows pen pals - Dear Barnabas, You're my bestest friend in the whole world. Forget Josette, man - let's grab some brewskis sometime.

Warren DeMontague - The greatest actor ever, and here's an overview of his work.

steve dahl lyrics hump day fever - Is this guy even still alive? And if so, can he ever approach the genius of Svengoolie?

avengers disassembled parody - Wait a minute, I thought Avengers Dissassembled was a parody?

"doctor who theme song" - That's why file sharing was invented, folks.

mcfarlane "bite me fanboy" - Before you bite McFarlane, get your shots. He hasn't had his.

Lyle Waggoner On Batman - You know, I still think he's ripe for a comeback. Mark my words, and I'm not being ironic, either.

A Lonely Jew On Christmas mp3 - South Park rules!

comic multiverse - You know, I think we comic bloggers should form our own company, and create a multiverse. I mean, let's face it, we could have the St. Louis Avengers face off against the Justice League of Western California, or something.

"in brightest day" mp3 - I dunno, but currently, this album (as you can witness by the graphic above) is getting mucho play in my home. Buy the CD - trust me, you'll dig it.

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