November 8, 2005

This Week's Random Thoughts

Currently, I'm grooving to Logan's replacement Mixed Bag Disc (his original was in pieces thanks to these lovely people). Like all but one of the Mixed Bag Halloween exchanges, the short take - good stuff. Gil, however, is one sick puppy, in my humble opinion. But enough of that...

If you can't get enough Nanowrimo, check out Greg's and Jason's efforts. My effort from last year will appear shortly - it's the best first draft I have ever written. If interested, just note in the comments.

Like Pop Culture Gadabout, I was a bit underwhelmed by the "live" West Wing debate. For me, it was the almost cliche "this-is-America-to-me" writing, but ultimately - when I see a live show, I want there to be some excitement, some risk...and it seems like the "debate" was rather overrehearsed (in my opinion). Granted, I dug West Wing in the early days - now, it just seems to be going through the motions.

However, Law & Order: Criminal Intent kicked major wicked heinie. I know, everyone loves SVU, but this is my favorite L&O - it's the Deep Space Nine of the franchise, and is a heady mixture of Sherlock Holmes and Columbo. Especially this season, with D'Onofrio's unconventional character alternativing with Chris Noth's more "tough guy" performance, and this past Sunday's movie deserved two hours.

In between networking appointments, job interviews, and other stuff, enjoying these fine works - and here is a new meme, if you're interested.

Speaking of my job search - I've come within a former colleague's sphere of influence twice in the past few months. I have a strong feeling I will be working with this person once again. However, is it intuition or wishful thinking?

Or is it, to paraphrase one of my favorite Bond novels - once is happenstance, twice is circumstance, the third time is enemy action?

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