November 26, 2005

In Gratitude

A lot of people usually do this sort of thing around Thanksgiving - I wanted to wait a day or so, to really mull it over, and do a "things I'm thankful for" list like I did last year. And now, this year's entries for things I'm grateful for:
  1. Leaving a job that had me covering five counties in Missouri - luckily, I've discovered the power of networking, and I'm "Linked In".
  2. Despite my job search, I haven't been majorly burned or ripped off, as this person seems to have been.
  3. My St. Louis friends, who taught me the most important Thanksgiving lesson of all: when carving the turkey, make sure it is not upside down
  4. Bottom - You have to love the Brits, who can make totally reprehensible behavior funny. You owe it to yourself to catch this series on DVD.
  5. Redheads - God's Greatest Creation (except for this guy...and I think Brian counts too, but for a different reason. Please don't hurt me, Brian.)
  6. White Castles - God's Second Greatest Creation.
  7. The Blogosphere - you all know who you are.
  8. My Cat, Dax, and my godson, Logan - two of the greatest reasons to be alive
  9. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning.
  10. Every day above ground is always a good day.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some sleep to catch up on - have to work late tonight at the Fox Theater selling merchandise for their latest production.

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