May 18, 2006

Mixed Bag 4 & 52 # 2 Reviews

Thanks to the irrepressible Lefty Brown, I now have a plethora of discs to listen to while reading comics (as well as an excuse to use the word "plethora".) And in that regard, I will give a few capsule reviews of my fellow bloggers' efforts.

First, though, a word about Week 2 of 52 - like I said last week, it's premature to judge the whole series based on one book (especially a weekly series). Now, we're beginning to see the initial threads of a story begin to weave. Even though the "History of the DC Universe" seems to hedge its bets...I'm looking forward to reading each week.

And now, the discs!

First, Mike Sterling has redeemed himself with "Do Not Bring Your Evil Here." (His Mixed Bag 3 disc was, shall we say...a little odd). It does have a slightly off-kilter feel, but any man who likes the Young Fresh Fellows is just swell in my book. Bookended by two Swamp Thing-related audio files, this is one of those turn-on-and-crank-up discs that's worth it. Some pretty cool songs, and worth the listen.

Serene's "I Love WA" disc has made me feel something I haven't felt for a long time: homesick for the Pacific Northwest. (Short version: ex fiance lives in Oregon). By not going the grunge route, and with tender loving care (a handmade CD cover - imagine!), this is the best chill-out disc I have heard in a long time. Easily one of my favorite discs this time round.

However, I can't say the same for Greg's CD....Ok, Greg, I can appreciate you wanting to corrupt the youth of America, and I played the disc for some three year olds. They made rude comments about "play that again, and we'll trade you for cigarettes." Well, actually, no, that didn't happen...but for some reason, the disc never gelled. OK, maybe it's the Prince track that blows everyone else away, and the Jagger-esque lead on the Scissor Sisters cut, but's not bad, it just didn't do it for me.

Finally, there's the mighty Roger Green's disc, which is as close to a musical autobiography as one can get making a mix CD. (The idea's so good, I swiped it for a commemorative CD - read here for details!) From the ring-a-ling-a chorus of the beginning tune to "Baby Mine", I really dug this disc. (I even enjoyed "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young...and I hate Neil Young).
Fun listening.

Coming soon: more Mixed Bag Reviews, a possible review of X-3, wacky pop culture shtick, and a love letter to Mitchell Hundred

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