May 17, 2006

Records You Should Own

For May's Record You Should Own - to kick off the summer - we've selected a good old-fashioned, crank-up-your-stereo classic.

And it's all Homercat's fault.

See, on his blog, Mr. Cat features music that's either been ignored, needs reevaluation, or just doesn't get heard. He featured a Slade track which - admittedly, I didn't like - but it intrigued me enough to purchase Get Yer Boots On, the first US collection of Slade, one of glam rock's "pioneers".

To which I say - forget posterity; these guys rock

Ok, it contains their hits - "Mama Weer All Crazee Now", to "Cum On Feel the Noize" (which, after hearing the original, will make you want to kick this guy's tuckus), and "Merry Xmas Everybody" (featured in Doctor Who - honest!) all the "hits" are here, even the mid-80s "comeback" tracks. (Let's face it, "Run Runaway" does the guitar-as-bagpipe shtick much better than Big Country). If you're looking for "serious" rock and roll, this isn't it. This is party music. From the opening Little Richard cover to the ending power ballad "My Oh My", this is pure 100% fun from beginning to end - if you don't crack a smile while listening to this CD, there is... no hope.

Get yer boots and get this disc. You'll thank me later.

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