February 9, 2007

5 Reasons I'm Glad I Bought Comics This Week

Since I'm straining to think of something substantial to write, here are five reasons why I'm glad I bought comics this week:
  1. Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil - I was never really a big Captain Marvel fan; however, Jeff Smith has convinced me. It's nice, angst-free, and quite frankly...I think Jeff Smith should be doing a regular Shazam book. Some clever touches, and it's nice to know that the Big Red Cheese enjoys hot dogs. Plus, it has secret messages that you can decode here.
  2. This Post By Mike Sterling - all I can say in response, using a secret code, is ZOO SZRO GSV XOLHVG KZHGIB
  3. Justice Society: Volume 2 - Completing the 70's All-Star/Adventure run, I have to admit, this appeals to the Golden Age fanboy in me. However, the touches I really liked were not only a burgeoning Power Girl/Huntress friendship, but that unlike modern portrays, the Huntress doesn't seem to be as...er, "top heavy". (I'm trying to keep this PG), folks. Plus, the writing seems to be a mixture of old fashioned 30s melodrama (as pointed out by the I Read Comics podcast) and 70's burgeoning feminism. Both volumes are well worth your time.
  4. All-New Atom # 8 - I have to admit, I had my doubts, but this is one of the few Brave New World reboots that actually exceeds the hype. Personally, I know Gail Simone intends to do a "hunt for Ray Palmer" around issue 12...but please, Ms. Simone, take your time. I like Ryan Choi- he has a great sense of humor, and is a relief from the usual angst-ridden heroes, and has done what very few characters have: make me want to learn more about him. In an age where some fans have temper tantrums over the return of old favorites (Hal Jordan, anyone?), I would like for Ryan to stay awhile. (Plus, this issue has Supermobiles versus Batplanes, with a Krypto-driven dogsled. How cool is that?)
  5. Billy Hazelnuts - Mix a little Windsor McKay, Jules Verne, give the story a wonderful, almost dreamlike quality, and unconventional protagonists (a young girl who's a whiz at science; a young boy who wants to woo her, and an imp made from suet and waste with hazelnuts for eyes), and you have a very enjoyable read. If you're looking for a little something out-of-the-blue, why not pick this up and give it a try? You'll thank me for it later.
And as an added bonus, this belated Christmas video:

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