July 11, 2007

It's All Excuses, Baby, All A Stall....

As you could probably guess, I have been mega-busy - interviews, networking, job seeking, temp work. So I've been relatively absent, and here is my semi-regular series of bullet points, linkblogging, and general stuff:
  • As per a comment that Lefty made, I've used Blogger to label all the past "Record You Should Own" entries. That way, if you click on that link, you should get every single past entry. Consider this the next time you're shopping for tunes.
  • Speaking of which, my current album of the moment is Tim Fite's Over the Counter Culture as reviewed on Sound Opinions. It is available as a totally free download here.
  • I've added some new doo-dads from Twitter and Technorati. Enjoy!
  • Trailers from Hell!
  • Help wanted: how do I do a slideshow on Flickr - and can I post a slide show on the blog. Trust me, the idea I have for this....y'all are gonna love.
  • For all my fellow bloggers - if you're ever in Chicago, let's do the town. I'll have to be careful with Bully, though - some places will look at him and only think of this.
  • Bedazzled does Batgirl! (Completely work safe, honest!)
And now for your 90's hip-hop-influenced one hit wonder of the day.

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