November 15, 2007

Your Inspirational Post of the Day

You know, it's been tough going - between Mom's health problems, getting blown off by a potential interviewer (who scheduled a phone interview and never called...but who had the time to tell me they "went with somebody else), and other's easy for me to wallow in self-pity.

However, I always tune into one of my favorite movie scenes, which provides me with the inspiration, the courage...and the strength to move forward. To overcome any obstacle. To climb ev'ry mountain.

Just a word of warning - this clip is probably NSFW for a lone piece of profanity. However, I hope that this scene can bring about change in your life...and I find it more inspirational than your average episode of Oprah.

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Roger Green said...

When I'm flicking through the channels, I can always watch Animal House from this point to the end. (It does, however, have me worry about your psychological condition.)