November 14, 2007

5 Reasons Why the WGA Strike is a Good Thing

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Much like Roger has stated, I am supporting the WGA Strike, even in light of strong opposition with family members who love Ellen DeGeneres.

Yes, good taste is not always genetic. Buy in that regard, here are my five reasons why you should (if you haven't already) support the WGA strike.

  1. It's about creative and funding power and control - I'm sure you all realize that the companies that own the major studios...also own the major media in the U.S. (No wonder the writers are getting bad press in the US, but not elsewhere) All the writers are asking...if they do a job, they get paid. And benefits. And other things we take for granted.
  2. It means less bad television - If not having more episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (now with more Alicia Witt!) means also not having more episodes of According to Jim, it's worth it.
  3. You can catch up on reading - whether it's from the library (I'm reading thesethreebooks), blogs (including a new TV Party at Comic Related), public domain classics or free PDF books, it's a great chance to develop a strong enough literary background to know every single reference in the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  4. Doctor Who is not affected by the strike - they're in England, so I'm sure Russell T. Davies is calling Joss Whedon and saying, "Neener, neener, neener" or something. Plus, it means more Captain Jack...and you can never have too much Captain Jack.
  5. It's almost like Jack Kirby - yeah, comic fans, remember when Kirby (and others) fought for control of his art work? It's kind of the same thing, only with the Internet, it's now about getting paid fairly rather than at the whim of a producer
Coming up on the blog: Torchwood reviews! The official "Blog This, Pal!" Doctor Who DVD Guide for the Unitiated! And, of course, blatant abuse of exclamation points!

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