January 10, 2008

Blog THIS Pal!'s Greatest Hits - 2007 Edition

First, for those of you who came here through Comic Related - welcome!

I did this last year - it's based on a meme/suggestion proposed by Greg (who, like Roger, is one of the smartest people on the Internet). It's simple, really - you go back through your blog, randomly choose a distinctive quote, and post and link back.

So get on board the WABAC Machine, and look at the glory days of 2007 as posted on this blog.

(NOTE: I have a tendency to be....oh, how should I put it...a bit of a jerk at times. So some posts may seem, ah, a bit abrasive):

January - In many ways, Terrence Dicks is like the William Shatner of Doctor Who writers - no matter what he does, he will always be linked to the show. The sad thing is, that title cuts both ways - he will always be linked - and be trapped - in the show's past.

February - Also, if all you blog about is hating comics, or complaining about comics, consider taking up a new hobby. Or get a pet. I hear hamsters are nice.

March - I'm sure there are big plans for Cap to come back in a mega-ultra-crossover, "Captain America: Back from the Dead And Not Happy About It". It will feature 20 issues of Mark Millar writing Cap verbally abusing Iron Man

April - That's right - my last post was my 666th post, and I'm afraid the Antichrist will soon rear his or her ugly head.

May - (To the companies involved - if you use one of my ideas, I deserve a finder's fee. A huge one)

June - And of course, to finish off the tour, a perusal of the singular piece of genius known as Puppet Bike.

July - But anyway, thanks for the wild ride, and remember: if you need anyone to be "roughed up", or need some professional "enforcers", please let me know, and I'll arrange it. I live in Chicago, now, you know.

August - You sure didn't see this on The Mod Squad, that's for sure.

September - The great thing is that most great art endures despite - not because - of great mystery

October - First, a partially converted Cyberwoman is a great concept...but not in a costume that would have seemed over the top for an old Batman episode.

November - Thanks for visiting, dear readers, and always remember - a "sonic screwdriver" is not Seven-Up and orange juice.

December - She's smart. She's attractive. She's a redhead. If she weren't already spoken for - and she also loved Doctor Who - I would so write embarrassingly gushing blog posts about her.

Thanks for reading, and start saving your pennies for this year's Bogie Birthday on 12/25!

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