April 28, 2009

Online Celebrity Encounters

So I'm talking on Twitter with fellow comic blogger/all around swell guy Rich, and we have the following exchange:

However, in a post that appeared in my Twitter client (but mysteriously vanished from Twitter search) from a very distinctive Twitter ID (and yes, it's that obvious):

@gordondym “His teeth frighten me.” Gordon if they frighten you imagine my trauma since I look in the mirror each day. best 2u bannana hands

So the moral of the story, folks:



mantic59 said...

Although I don't consider myself a "celebrity" I will do a google ego-search once in a while to see where "mantic59" pops up. And if there's a discussion going on that I can contribute to, I'll post. It'll freak the other readers out. :) But I've also found some pretty cool sites by doing it: somethingawful, offtopic, styleforum, artofmanliness, etc; and some very interesting blogs.

Pj Perez said...

OK, so in the end, we are left to wonder: WHEN IS MECHA-SIMIAN VS. TONY ROBBINS COMING OUT?!

Rich said...

WAIT! Tony Robbins really wrote that?

I'm looking over my shoulder right now...

Anonymous said...

I got out of the shower one morning to find Tony Robbins standing n the corner of my bathroom.