November 23, 2009

New Podcast - The Politics of Time

Don't worry - the Record You Should Own podcast for November will be up and running this weekend, but until then....

Recent days have seen the anniversary of two critical pieces of history. Was it...coincidence? The co-mingling of history and popular culture. On the latest podcast, we'll take a look at how sometimes events and media flow right into another. (And yes, there is a small error in dating; however, let's just remember...timing is everything)

Either download the podcast directly or listen on the sidebar player to learn the answer to teh question: what do these three men have in common? (And please check the show notes for more information and links)

1 comment:

Roger Owen Green said...

Particularly interesting podcast.

Landsbury was 3 years older than Harvey, and Manchurian Candidate came out in 1962. Oh, and I discovered that the attempt on FDR was in Feb 1933, actually before he was inaugurated.

Manchurian Candidate wasn't exactly banned. It did show up on TV in 1965 a couple times, but then it was a number of years before it showed up again.

Your basic premise about the convergence of pop culture is spot on. I always think about the movie The China Syndrome and TMI