January 3, 2010

It's Time For My Yearly Podcast Review

Yes, it's time once again for my "year-in-review" podcast - be warned: there are one or two f-bombs in the podcast, so I apologize for the profanity.

If interested, you can listed in the sidebar, or download directly from the podcast page (and if you click the link, you can get show notes).



Stheno said...

Love how you actually waited until 2009 finished! To be honest, I've been in my own little bubble so I haven't paid attention to most of what you've talked about, but it was interesting to see what I've missed.

I'm kinda excited about the Disney/Marvel merger, on the sheer memory of the Disney Renaissance back in the early 90s and the recent debut of the Princess and the Frog. Marvel's always had problems with finances and Disney seems to be going uphill-look at the undeniable success of High School Musical and Hannah Montana. I'm not a fan of either, but Disney's taking over the kid market-something that could be a huge advantage for Marvel. X-Men Evolution's playing like crazy on Disney XD along with the Spectacular Spiderman series, hopefully hooking kids to move into the comics and continue with the Marvel fandom as they get older.

As for the movie/comic topic, I find one of the greatest thing about the Marvel universe is that all the characters interact and that their lives effect each others-it's fascinating to see how everyone knows each other, and something many not-comic-fans don't realize, adding some curiosity to pick up a comic. And it keeps things interesting for the comic fans who have learned to look for the connections-for instance, the little STARK logos in the Hulk movies and the references to other character, subtle things most people aren't aware of. I'm not in favor of some sort of massive team-up (even with the thought of the Avengers movie...), but having the little bits after the credits are nice and can be ignored if you're not a fan of them, and maybe even some interchanging of minor characters-I think it would have been neat to see Tony Stark as a background cameo at an event Norman Osborne attended, like how in Lost all the character's lives are subtly connected.

I enjoyed listening to your podcast, it gave me an entertaining view of the year I happened to miss. |D

Roger Owen Green said...

I read comics long enough that the more the Marvel universe is interconnected, the more continuity lapses will almost HAVE to take place.

Oh, Gordon, I forgive you (sob).