January 13, 2010

My Award for Reaching Post #1285

Leave it to Roger to post something that gets me out of a slump.

He had very kindly bestowed upon me the "Kreativ Blogger" award, not realizing that most of my blog posts are actually translations of the "epic poet's commentary" for Homer's Odyssey...but I digress. It's an honor to be nominated, to have the challenge of posting seven things you may not know about me...and nominate seven more bloggers.

(By the way, if nominated, you don't have to post. Won't require you. It's like the really annoying friend who still sends you e-mail about Microsoft paying you to forward an e-mail, with a clause that says "Please forward this e-mail; an attorney says it will happen!"

Anyway, seven facts you may not know about me:
  1. My name, when translated from Polish, means "smoker of meats". This makes me grateful that it does not translate to "cautionary tale." And it makes me especially grateful I'm not the colleague whose last name translates as "Please card me."
  2. The big reason I rarely, if ever, talk about myself or get personal on the blog? Quite personally, some other comics-related bloggers....let a little too much hang out. I think people can appreciate what I feel, but quite frankly, I wear my heart on my sleeve in real life. I'm not sure I have to online.
  3. For a year and a half, I attended classes at the University of Chicago. However, increasing tuition, two dying grandparents, and several grades at the wrong end of the alphabet later, I found myself transferring to Loyola, which was a much easier time. (Yes, both were challenging schools, but the University of Chicago takes itself way too seriously, in my opinion).
  4. One of my goals for this year....and this is, well, quite embarrassing....is to actually begin dating on a semi-regular basis. That's right - actually spend some time with a "significant other". To that end, I've begun....oh gosh, this is leaving me red faced....attending a group called Nerds at Heart. (Actually, I don't know which is more embarrassing, admitting publicly that I'm "on the pull"...or that I also belong to a Doctor Who fan group.)
  5. My grandmother once had attempted to convince my mother and I that we were related to Steve Allen. Yes, that Steve Allen. (Her maiden name was the same at Mr. Allen's birth name). However, after doing some basic pre-Google research, we found that there is no relation whatsoever. There goes my chance at immortality, or even major league talking points.
  6. Believe it or not, I'm the admin for the reunion page for my high school graduating class. (It's a known fact that I went to the same high school as Bob Newhart). If you are a former classmate, or want to check out the page for yourself, well, here you go. I'm probably one of the most electronically connected of all my friends...and I still ignore them. Go figure.
  7. I once saw Jenna Fischer live at the St Louis Film Festival. She is even more striking in person, and much like Roger, is my near-twin.

As far as my seven nominees (who are under no obligation to reciprocate), I offer the following:
  • One of my first favorite (and still favorite) blogs is Bill Sherman's Pop Culture Gadabout. He writes in a style that seems to flow easily, and he writes about a ton of really cool stuff.
  • Mike Sterling is still one of my favorites, and if I ever met him in person, I would give him a great big, burly man hug. Honest.
  • On the local Chicago scene, I really dig pal Scott's blog, Wednesday's Haul It's one of those blogs I find myself continually reading, because there's some great insight and some good writing.
  • Possibly the only "social media" blog I read is Beth Kanter's blog about non-profits and social media, appropriately titled Beth's Blog. There's possibly more information in this blog than in so much of the "guru" blogs (in my opinion, I must reiterate)
  • I would be remiss if I did not mention pal Chuck's A Related Life.
  • One of the more interesting music blogs (for me) is from a trusted colleague known as the  Contrapuntist. It's a little more metal-heavy than I'm used to, but there's a good mix of genres, and I'm always learning something new.
  • And in a two-way tie for last are Andy Martello and Golfwidow, but only because I don't want to be forced to choose between them. God, I miss Podcrapular.

As always, thanks for reading...and hopefully, Roger's not regretting his decision.

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