February 27, 2010

Getting Schooled in Comics, Part One

First, in the interest of full disclosure - Michael Moreci, the Media Director of Reading With Pictures, asked me to write a blog post about the organization. It was the easiest "yes" I ever gave to someone who asked for a blog post. And not just because I became their 100th follower on Twitter.

I grew up with comics - my mother encouraged comics to help me learn how to read, and to also read better. I have several "first comic" memories, and I'm unsure which came first - the Superman "Galactic Golem" issue from the old fashioned comics dispenser; the three-pack wrapped in plastic for 29 cents from the now defunct Tony's Supermarket at 32nd and Halsted; or the Batman Super-Spectacular with Wildcat and his Cat-o-Cycle on the cover. So Reading With Pictures' mission - to encourage the use of comics in schools - really has wide appeal for me. People who read this blog on a regular basis know about my love of literature and comics, so I can strongly sympathize with RWP's mission.

However, what's more important is that RWP will be releasing an all-ages anthology...and you can show your support through Kickstarter. (Click on the link, and there's a very entertaining video you can watch for more information). You not only can buy the anthology, but also have the opportunity to make a pledge and get some really cool add-ons. (I have already pledged, by the way - that's how much I believe in the power of comics to educate.

Finally, you may be wondering, "Gee, Gordon, how do I support the organization besides pledging money?". Well, you can become a fan of their Facebook page. You can retweet this article to your fellow Tweeters, or bookmark on Digg, Delicious, Twine, or any other sites (there's a convenient "Share This" widget as part of the blog to help in this). And if you're a blogger, here's a challenge - find out more and blog about them. They could use the free publicity.

But as you may have noticed, the title of this is "part one". Part two is an upcoming even in the Chicago area that also involves comics and schools. Stay tuned.

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