April 24, 2010

Indie Comic Comedy Isn't Pretty...But It's Pretty Funny

(Full disclosure - review copies were provided for this blog post)

Humor is a tricky thing - some people prefer gentle wit; others prefer profane, pushing-the-envelope styles, and some others prefer their humor with a slight edge (think South Park). Comics that provide edgy humor can be tricky, because very few can pull it off. (An exception - and my personal favorite - is Evan Dorkin's Fun With Milk & Cheese). Fortunately, I've been asked to write about two different pieces, and so with further adieu, here we go....

I've owed Jeff Burk a blog post about Super Giant Monster Time, which is (in his own words) a parody of the Choose Your Own Adventure series), and having read it, it's actually quite good. It is, to be honest, not everyone's cup of tea (and quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure style of books), but I admit, I found myself chucking frequently (and with one or two laugh-out-loud moments). In fact, it's encouraging that I now want to read Jeff's other work, Shatnerquake. Of course, I have a twisted enough mind to want to read a book called Shatnerquake.

My personal favorite, though (post-C2E2) is The Angry Penguin web comic, which does more for penguins than Close, Personal Friend® Andy Martello. The black & white art is not super cartoony, and the humor is sharp and nasty (but in a good way). Granted, this and Super Giant Monster Time are not for everyone (especially the prudish), but if you have a sense of humor, you may enjoy them both as much as I did.

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