May 25, 2010

Comic Soon (Hopefully) To A Publisher Near You

(Full disclosure - a review copy was provided for this blog post).

>A few months back, I gave a glowing review of Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender # 1. I enjoyed it very much, hoping that it would find a publisher, and more importantly - encouraging people to purchase and read it.: black

After reading issue # 2....not only does my initial recommendation stand, I'll go so far as to state that I really think this book deserves to be read by a wider audience.

Although I thought the more modernistic dialogue seemed out of place in issue #1, I can see that Omrie Kompan's writing is essentially casting a historical melodrama in a more traditional action/adventure context. Trying to replicate 16th century vernacular would not make this story work; even though it jars to my ears a bit, I understand why characters are speaking in modern grammar - to help make the story much more accessible to modern readers.

I also cannot say enough about the art by Giovanni Timpano and coloring by Adrianna De Los Santos - if this is a "big screen comic", the art makes it stand it even more. There's a great sense of anatomy, a very fine sense of detail, and it really serves the story. No false notes are stuck, nothing seems out of place - this is, simply, a comic to be experienced.

I've always considered it a slight honor when an indie comic/publisher asks me to blog about them - it makes me feel like I'm giving whatever "clout" I have to a deserving source. (And in all honesty, I'm just a guy with a blog - nothing more, nothing less). Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender deserves a wider audience, and hopefully, one day we'll see it next to X-Men.< And if we're really lucky, it will hit X-Men-sized sales numbers.

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