April 7, 2012

Typical Saturday Pre-Easter Blogaround

Sheesh, it's nearly Easter already? It seemed like only yesterday that I was recovering from New Year's celebrations....

...actually, the hangover from New Year's Day did officially end yesterday. Gee, I must be getting old.

Why, it was just last week that I was on Ultimate TV, a local show hosted by a pal, in order to promote the new Bar Tab of Rassilon (complete with its own egen.tv page). Granted, being part of their "Twitter anniversary" was cool, but the best part was reminding both ladies that David Tennant is now a married man.

Speaking of misbehaving online, not only should you listen to the 3rd anniversary edition of Zone 4, but you can also check out my recent appearance on Eric Ratcliffe's most excellent Why I Love Comics podcast. 

And of course, there's a Job Stalker post this week all about saying "no". Which is my current dilemma du jour - I've been lucky in getting frequent freelance work, but I'm right now attempting to decide between going back to the corporate grind and setting up my own business. Either way, I'm going to need to do a lot of work....but in the meantime, I'll keep with the networking and the searching.

This weekend can't come quickly enough, if only for C2E2.....

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