June 27, 2012

The "Waffles For Stephanie" Brouhaha

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As many of you have probably read over the internet, there is a movement about - a group of fans is encouraging the mailing of waffles by like-minded fans to DC Comics in order to convince them bring back Stephanie Brown in light of her impending appearance in the Smallville comic.

Now on one level, I completely understand - as a character, Stephanie's been done pretty wrong by DC as the result of some wrong-headed decisions. (Many of which do not include the smart one of having her be the first female Robin....but that's besides the point). I loved Bryan Q. Miller's recent take, and quite honestly - I love the character. A relatively young, fun character who made Batgirl the one Bat-book you should have read....and didn't.

However, this waffle thing? The most misguided, irresponsible move on the part of fans everywhere.

Now, you'll probably scold me for being negative, but quite honestly....sending frozen waffles to a comic company is simply taking a bad stunt (which worked for a series in escaping total cancellation) and just repeating it. It's all show and no tell - given the amount of investment that DC has taken with its reboot, having it insert a character for no other reason other than "we love her"....seems silly.

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(In order words, she's not "iconic" enough for DC. But I still love her to death).

So, to help those who want to do something positive in Stephanie's name, let me suggest the following actions:
  • Get together with some like-minded friends, purchase a case of waffles, and donate them to a food pantry or a homeless shelter.
  • Pool your money and donate it to a domestic violence shelter, or an organization that deals with reproductive justice like the Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health.
  • Pool your money, donate to the Hero Initiative in Stephanie's name, and send a taunting note to DC comics.
  • Go to Indy Planet (or preferably, your local indie comic shop)  and order a cool indie book written by a woman. You'll be helping foster a cool creative scene.
  • Donate to your favorite female-created web comic. They would definitely appreciate it.
This isn't a typical male-written "gee-look-at-the-goofy-ladies" post. Yes, Stephanie Brown is a cool character. But sending waffles to DC as a way of encouraging positive action....is a waste of perfectly good waffles. 

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