November 13, 2012

5 Reasons to Watch COMMUNITY When It Returns

One of the ways in which I've been handling some of the rigors and stresses of job searching is to dive deep into some of my (now) new favorite shows.

One of them has been NBC's Community - when I first heard the premise, I thought it was a little too wacky (and too similar to many other sitcoms). Thankfully, after viewing the first season on DVD, I'm a convert.

And taking my cue from another, better blog, here are five reasons why you should watch Community when it returns in February:

  1. It's a Show That Dares Mess With Its Premise - although it started as a more "typical" sitcom, the show basically stretched its limits by being a little more experimental. From paintball-driven pastiches to explorations of "alternate timelines", the writing on this show is very top notch, and quite honestly - deserves more attention than it gets.
  2. Still Proof Chevy Chase Was Never Funny - Playing the obligatory "goofy old man", Chevy Chase is...well, when you're frustrated, you are more than welcome to mock him, saying, "You're Chevy Chase...and nobody cares." (But thankfully, the other characters are more mocking)
  3. Troy and Abed In the Morning - Probably the best double act on television. There, I said it.
  4. It's More Than Just "Inspector Spacetime" - Many Doctor Who fans are agog over the semi-spoof that runs throughout season three. But there's so much fine, just out-there humor that it's well worth checking out on its own.
  5. It Admits That It Gets Meta - Not only has the show "parodied" other shows (like Law & Order), Community is more than willing to admit - with more than a wink and a nod - that it knows it's a television show.
So please, check out the DVDs, head to Hulu, do whatever you can to watch Community before it comes back in February. It's one of the few, truly pleasurable experiences on network television.

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