November 2, 2014

A Month (and More!) Of Me Online!

First, good news - I've secured a short term freelance contract and have another opportunity that looks rather promising. As a result, my life is settling into a nice, semi-regular routine - meaning that the nice cool thing will really make things hard to deal with.

No problem - but here are some various online mentions to keep me search optimized, and for you to browse when you're trying to avoid doing real work.

First, I was thinking about Chris Brown and his "Mixed Bag" CD exchanges when pal Roger talks about them - and mentions me - in a post earlier this month.

It's nice to be cited - found this randomly, and I'm always glad to see my Comic Related columns get greater exposure. (And yes, I'm working on November's column - October kind of got away from me)

Via Chicago Now - here's a share on inequality in which I discuss my feelings about the happenings in Ferguson. (Hey, Roger, I think you're going to like this St.-Louis-vs-Chicago post). For everyone else, I've also written a really cool book review - it's small review about a small book, but trust me - it's worth it.

Finally, check out this review of Sherlock Holmes Vs. Harry Houdini for I Hear of Sherlock (and we've also discussed it on Zone 4) - it may come up sooner rather than later....

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