May 19, 2004

He's a Mess, but Not a Messiah...

First, some sad news - a good female friend of mine may be moving to Las Vegas. I'm happy for her, but will really miss lusting after her behind her back. If you want one night of magic - and you know who you are - give me a call on my cell phone. :)

Anyway, here's a great reason to be alive - Monty Python's Life of Brian is being rereleased, and it is showing at a really cool local theater. (It reminds me of the Brighton Theater in Chicago, before it got torn down for a Walgreen's. Anyway, it will be good - after all the hype of Mel Gibson's Passion, I think that good Christians everywhere need a good laugh. Plus, you just can't beat "Biggus Dickus" for a sleazy laugh.

In other news, and I'll have to get one of those blog listing thingies, Andy Kaufman faked his own death, apparently. First thing he should do - find out why Enterprise was renewed.

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