May 19, 2004

Definitely Poop-worthy

Right now, I have just been mega-busy; merchant education trainings, keeping up with regular paperwork, coalition updates, -sometimes, I just need to keep my humor very simple and mindless.

I've been really digging Come Poop with Me, the CD/DVD by Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. (OK, his 15 minutes will soon be up - I bought it used for $10. It isn't Voltaire, but has its moments, especially the back-and-forth between Triumph and Blackwolf, the Dragonmaster, who (sadly, now) seems to be in on the joke).

Not everyone's cup of tea, but definitely R-rated. In other listening news, like Bruce McCullough, I've been finding the soundtrack to Shaft (by Isaac Hayes) very sexy indeed. Thanks to my pal Ajay for selling this to me at his garage sale.

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