May 17, 2004

No, it ain't ain't cool at all....

You know, sometimes, a guy can't win...

I am having a serious love/hate relationship with Ain't It Cool News! , the movie "spoiler"/news site. I'm sure that Harry Knowles has much more to worry about - after all, I bet people say dumb things to him like, "You realize your name sounds like a skin rash, doesn't it?" But anyway, his site...ooh, it's starting to bug me royally. What bugs me about it?

1) Hey, here's a lesson in Web Development 101 - even with DSL, your pages shouldn't take forever to download. Cut down the graphics, the ads, etc, and make sure we can get to the meat of it!

2) OK, this is a "Hello, pot, this is kettle" moment - guys, these are only frickin' movies. Tone it down on the message boards - or, at the very least,learn how to have a decent argument. Or, if you need a time out, visit that web site with the guy in the chicken suit - that should help calm you down.

3) You know, there is a thin line between discussing rumor and the "I heard from this guy who was the roommate of the cousin of the guy who glazed the donuts on the first Michael Keaton Batman movie" phenomenon. Learn the difference.

4) Is it just me, or did you find the series finale of THE PRACTICE ultra-mega-lame? I mean, having William Shatner say "Denny Crane" for the entire episode would have been much more entertaining, doncha think?

Come on, guys on Ain't It Cool - just these few things, and you can redeem yourselves. If not, so help me God, Ben Browder and I will come to your house to school you over and eat popcorn...and we're fresh outa popcorn.....

My apologies - I lost my mind for a moment. Now, if anyone knows someone who can send me Svengoolie tapes (both classic and the newest episodes) from Chicago, let me know. I'll even spring for good videotapes, not the cheapo dollar store ones.

Thanks for letting me share,
Your pal,

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Brian said...

Welcome to the Blogsphere, Gordon! Stop by whenever you get the chance.