May 18, 2004

Random, Uncaffeinated Thoughts...

This is just part of my morning ritual - get some coffee, sign online, check e-mail, and rant...

Luckily, I keep a personal journal - that way, I don't inadvertantly embarrass myself, and can just dump into a plain ol' computer file.

Spoke with Mom last night- she and Shrek (aka, my dad) are going to Vegas, and she asked what I wanted. Fighting the temptation to say, "For you to regain your sanity," I opted for 1) a deck of cards from a casino; 2) something Star Trek from STAR TREK:
THE EXPERIENCE (as long as it wasn't Kate Mulgrew) or 3) 90% of her gambling winnings. (Of course, there's not much you can do with 90 cents). Hopefully, she'll have fun - she deserves it.

Finally, to add to my list of "projects that, maybe, one day, I'll get off my dead butt and get to" - revising my home page when I switch internet providers. There's something about it that says, "Sad fanboy". Please feel free to read and make comments. I could use the feedback

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