May 18, 2004

Penn & Teller Rock!

Luckily, I'm too cheap to afford cable, but not a subscription to Netflix - luckily, I have been catching up on two of my faves, Penn and Teller, and their new show, Bull$h!+.

I'm a big P & T fan; I'm the only other person who's seen their movie, Penn & Teller Get Killed; saw them live at the then re-opened Chicago theater (featuring Mofo, the Psychic Gorilla), and just dig 'em. They uncover scams, bad science, and other stuff. It's half laugh-out-loud funny, and half serious "What in the name of Christ on a pony is going on here?"

My personal fave bit: a demonstration on how to "fake" chiropractic science on a cat. Now, that's what I want to do - my own show on cable. Anyone out there wanna be a cohost?


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Anonymous said...

I like P&T, too!

nice blog, Gordon!

your pal,