August 4, 2004

Hey, Kids! Comic Blogs!

As you've probably read in these very posts, I am a comic fanboy...and I have kissed a girl. Several, in fact, but that's neither here nor there. When I'm not working or doing social stuff, I peruse several comics-related blogs: here are my three faves, in no particular order:

Comic Treadmill - reviews of comics both old and new, and currently focusing on the little reprint digests that DC used to put out. Not about nostalgia; it's all about the comics.

PostModern Barney - news, reviews, rantings, and snarky comments about comic covers of the past. And no, I'm not including it because he linked to me - honest!

Progressive Ruin - The Greatest Comics Blog in the Multiverse. I am not kidding.

Yes, they are all part of my blogroll, but go forth and enjoy. They're more fun - and informative - than you can conceive.


Mikester said...

Hey, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like comics, I mean, graphic novels. Sadly, this form of art/literature is still looked down upon by far too many people.


Dorian said...

As Mike said, thanks.

Anonymous said...


Hey thanks for the kind words! And when I saw that you're the kind of guy who can casually drop Graham Parker quotes in conversation, I feel doubly honored.

H at the Comic Treadmill

Anonymous said...

OMG those blogz are teh lousy! Next u'll be plugging teh Brill Building lol